Commercial Fire Alarms

Did You Know?

631Security.com offers quality products and services to ensure your fire system operates correctly and meets current fire codes. Quarterly tests and scheduled inspections are necessary to comply with fire code as well as many insurance policy requirements. 631Security.com uses conventional as well as addressable fire systems to meet our customer needs, and uses only the best peripheral sensors and a/v devices.

Don't trust your building's required fire or sprinkler monitoring system to an out-of-town or "mega" security company. As a locally owned and operated Long Island based company, we stress the importance of quality service, responsiveness and technical knowledge. Your system is not "just a number" to our staff, but instead you are a neighbor. Call us for more information!

Design & Installation Methods

When you partner with 631Security.com, you benefit from over two decades of Fire Alarm System design experience and the best equipment available. Our installations are done with discipline, standardization, and kept strictly to code. We work closely with the fire Marshal on all Fire Alarm Installations, in order to insure that the system will be pass inspection.

Our Fire Alarm systems last longer and are more reliable. When it comes to Life Safety and a fire alarm system installation, Human life is involved. So, it makes sense to cover your ethical and liability obligations and make sure your Fire Alarm system is installed by an expert.

Fire Alarm System Equipment

We put a great deal of research into the Fire Safety equipment we choose to adopt. Here are the primary devices used for Detection, Notification and Control in each of our fire alarm system installations:

Heat / Smoke Detector These devices detect the signs of a fire, in the forms of smoke or heat. If a fire is detected, the device will signal the control panel.

Pull Station People are usually quick to notice a fire, and pull stations allow for a mass notification in that event.

Fire Wire Special wire is used with Fire Systems. On this wire, the coating is quick to melt, which causes the conductors to touch. This shorts the system, and a signal is detected.

Siren Strobe In the event of a fire, it is very important to notify everyone. A Siren Strobe sends visual and auditory cues of the impending danger.

Control Panel All detection devices send signals to the control panel, which sends signals to the Fire Department and the notification devices.

Much scrutiny goes into the equipment we choose to install, it must be durable, long lasting and the technology must be up to date.

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