Flood Detection
Let 631Security.com help protect your office, furnishings and valuables against unexpected water damage!

Did you know?

Water Heaters have a limited life, then leak after years of corrosion. Water Heaters are generally considered a maintenance-free appliance, but they are also one of the single most damaging appliances.  Because Water Heaters are constantly under pressure, even small pressurized leaks can quickly flood and devastate.  Property damage caused by aging and faulty plumbing is one of the most common insurance claims. Annually more than 2,500,000 fall victim and the damages total billions of dollars in preventable losses.  Valuables such as artwork, antiques, computers and electronic data, photographs, and other heirlooms are often difficult or impossible to fully replace.  Whether at home, at work, or on vacation these flooding events can go undetected for hours or even days.

Insurance helps ease the pain of repairs but will not fully replace your valuable property or alleviate the hassle, anguish, and disruption associated with a devastating interior flood loss.  A water sensor will provide with round-the-clock indoor flood detection and alert you minimizing damages.

A water sensor  offers many benefits:

  • Added property protection

  • Potential insurance savings (discounts or credits)

  • Integration with security & automation systems

  • Protects 24 hours a day while your business is open or closed

  • Peace of mind

How does water sensor work?

Flood sensors install near water-using appliances and in rooms where running water is present.  If leaking water contacts any of the sensors, a wireless signal is immediately broadcast to the alarm panel notifying central station

  • Easy integration with security systems

  • Range extending wireless repeaters

Now more than ever you need this flood protection. Call...1-631-SECURITY to install a Water sensor today!