Home Security System

Did You Know?

You are 3 to 4 times less likely to be burglarized by having a home security system installed. Every 15 seconds another home is burglarized. Don't let yours be next. A home security system will help deter would be burglars from even trying to break in to your home. And did you know that having a monitored home security alarm system can save you money on your homeowners insurance?

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Most home break-ins are from individuals that live very close to the home. This would be someone that knows your schedule or actually sees the car leave the home or drive down a street on the way out of the area.

Other common home break-in times are when you are moving into a new home, when there is a lot of construction in the area or when you are gone for longer periods of time. In general, anytime there are more people in and around your home then you are much more likely to be burglarized.

The most common time frame is during normal hours when someone has just left the home for a short time (an hour or two). So, be sure to set your security system anytime the home is left unattended.