Video Surveillance Systems

Do you know who took your stuff? 

We do and now you will too with a Video system from 631Security.com!

See who did it!  Conventional security systems send an electronic alarm signal when a sensor is activated.  These systems do not distinguish between a door being opened by an intruder or by the wind.  Motion detectors don't know if a burglar is prowling through the premises or if the family pet is wandering.  A CCTV system from 631Security.com not only recognizes an alarm condition, it also sends an 8 to 10 second video clip of the alarm cause.  With monitoring, our central station can advise Police of what they see and verify a crime in progress; as well as sending you an e-mail video clip.

Today a video camera and night vision illuminators, yet is no bigger than a normal motion sensor and blends well into its surroundings. A single CCTV systems can be equipped with up to 64 cameras giving you complete coverage.

Privacy is never compromised.  The camera can be on and armed in seconds and you may turn it off or on as you need.